The Grill House on 9

A New Name! And still…The Best Cheeseburgers…Period!

snackshack.jpgThe Grill House (formerly known as the Snack Shack), located adjacent to the 6th tee and behind the 9th green, offers great tasting hot dogs and brats (we’re talking the BIG dogs & brats!), delicious chicken sandwiches and “The Best Cheeseburgers…Period!”

We’ve given it a new name, but you’ll still enjoy the same awesome grilled sandwiches that we’re “nearly famous” for. Everything at the Grill House is just that…grilled! We don’t believe is serving some steamed wiener that’s been rolling around for four hours like you’ll get at other places.

Many other great treats, including a full bar offering, complete the menu. If you fancy a Bloody Mary, you’ll want to try one of Debra’s secret recipe Bloody Marys. You can ask, beg, bribe or plead for the recipe, but she won’t tell (even we don’t know it!)

The Grill House is also located near the clubhouse, so you can pick up your refreshments before you tee off.